Oops I did it again

Thursday night, I sliced my middle finger while trying to separate two frozen salmon burgers. When I picked up the sharp knife, I knew it was a stupid move. And a second later, I was calling across the house, “Rob, I cut my finger again. Bad. It’s going to need stitches this time.” I don’t know if it’s worse than last time…in fact, I think it will heal better because I left behind some skin to stitch. Actually, I think it healed pretty quickly last time.

But that doesn’t make me any less of an idiot.

One hour after the incident, finger poses above the rinse bucket at the ER
All stitched up

Last year, when I had the benefit of visiting my favorite hand surgeon in LA, he advised against Neosporin. Gave me a surgical handwash and told me to wash it twice a day and keep it loosely bandaged. Air is good.

At the ER here, they gave me Bacitracin (basically same as Neosporin). But I’m going to follow my favorite hand surgeon’s protocol. Since I still have plenty of that handwash.

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