Blog fame

The Pioneer Woman commented on my blog once. It was before she was famous, and quite ingenious on her part. I had commented on Dooce, and Pioneer Woman must have clicked through to my blog and read a post about fighting with Rob while househunting. She commented something like “Try to stay married” through it all, which is funny, because we were not then and are not now married. But we’re still together and happily cohabitating.

I can’t prove it because I moved from Blogger to WordPress and my comments didn’t come with.

What a strategy, because I clicked through to her site, thinking, “Who is this Ree?” And got hooked. If she commented on all of Dooce’s readers’ pages, she could have effectively lured all those readers to her site.

I tried something similar by commenting on Nothing But Bonfires, but my readership never really skyrocketed. Perhaps because I don’t have a unique story to tell about raising four kids on a ranch, and I’m not an outstanding cook. I did go to USC though, same as Pioneer Woman.

And now you have Pioneer Woman and Nothing But Bonfires having tea and crumpets together at the ranch, while I’m still enjoying blog anonymity.

Man, I wish I were at that slumber party.

Maybe they’ll all see that I’ve linked to their sites and start reading my blog and I will become blog famous after all! Better start being more clever more often!

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