An old maid, just like my daughter

While shopping for puppies, I met a few mommy and daddy dogs. Some of them looked a little bit like Isis, except with drooping nipples, and one had a long coat and a black face and looked nothing like her.

I asked how old they are and learned that they’re three.

Isis is three.

But Isis is just a baby, not a mommy.

She’s old enough to be her baby brother’s mommy. Except we had her spayed before her first heat, so we’ve forever preserved her in a puppy state.

I am a lot like my dog in this way. Many girls my age are actually women, because they have become mothers. But I am still just a girl because I don’t have any children. (Of the human variety, anyway.)

I look at the boys and girls that I grew up with and realize that if they are old enough to have children, then I must be old enough to have children. But I look at my dog and think that she’s just a puppy who needs a playmate, not a baby.

Published by Kari Neumeyer

Writer, editor, dog mom, ovarian cancer survivor

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