What I have for lunch

I have been eating soup every day this week, because there is a drive-through soup place and I like their tomato bisque. I don’t want tomato bisque today, I want Pho, but there’s no place to get Pho in this county, best I can tell.

Am reminded why I do not frequent the drive-thru teriyaki place: the lady thinks “tofu” sounds like “chicken” and “shrimp” sounds like “beef.” Good thing I checked. Unfortunately, my yakisoba is drowned in sauce. Might as well be soup.

I really like going out to eat. I think we’ve been spending more money on eating out since this whole recession thing started.

It’s like, life’s hard, we should treat ourselves to a nice meal here and there.

We’ve always been big take-out eaters, and I don’t do too much cooking. But I’d rather spend $20 on something decent than $12 on fast food.

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