You don’t know what you have until it’s gone

Unless you don’t know it’s missing in the first place.

The most recent episode of Brothers and Sisters featured U2’s “Running to Stand Still.” I sang along a little bit and thought, “I love this song, I should listen to The Joshua Tree.

But when I checked my iPod, I did not have The Joshua Tree on there, just The Unforgettable Fire and Achtung Baby (plus the song “Stuck in the Moment,” which I illegally downloaded on BearShare while living in Prague).

How strange that I would have uploaded two of my U2 CDs, but not The Joshua Tree. At work yesterday, I became so completely obsessed with listening to “Running to Stand Still,” that I played videos of it live on YouTube until my coworker told me I could listen to it for free on Rhapsody.

I went home and looked for the CD, and couldn’t find it. Honestly, I haven’t listened to it in years. It could have been stolen when my car was broken into in 2005, or it could have been stolen with my entire car in 1998. (Although I have a vague memory of listening to it while driving from Chicago to Washington, D.C. Or maybe that was Achtung Baby…)

Here’s the really disturbing thing. I asked Rob if he had the CD and he does not!! He said it was possible he had it on his iPod, as inherited by his 17-year-old nephew. Really? Your 17-year-old nephew (let’s do the math, born in 1992) is more likely than you to have a 1987 album, which is on many people’s Desert Island Disc lists, and which I think I first owned on cassette tape?

Some people might consider that a relationship deal breaker. But hey, if I’m willing to be with someone who refuses to watch Lost, I can let this go.

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