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I’m sorry, little blog, how I’ve been neglecting you. That Facebook thing sure takes a lot of time. (Scrabulous, especially). Then there’s the processing of my India photos, which got sidelined last week as I actually tried to do my job.
Here I am, working hard at my job.

We haven’t had many of these beautiful days yet, although last Saturday and Sunday were two of them, and again today.

Both of these pictures were heavily photoshopped, as the sky was covered in spots. Apparently, the grime in India is so pervasive that it coats the internal organs of a camera, even if you never take the lens off. (Seriously, how did it get in there?) Actually, my photoshop skills aren’t that great, so if you click on the top picture of the bridge, you can see little bits of India above the cars and in the sky near the mountain.

I took the camera to a camera shop. (Did you know they still had these things? People used to go there to develop film.) The nice folks looked at my camera’s innards with a magnifier, cringed and then gave it a good $65 scrub-down.

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