Way Behind

We got home from the India-Nepal adventure on Sunday. I have much more to describe, but I must process my thoughts and my photos. I’m coming to terms with the fact that I cannot Photoshop 2,000 pictures before posting. Still, I must weed.

In the meantime, here’s something I forgot to mention until I saw the picture.

They served us Washington apples on our houseboat in Kerala.

We didn’t eat apples in India, of course, since we don’t know how they washed them. Our constant vigilance notwithstanding, Rob brought back a little something with him. Came down with it just before takeoff. I’m glad he didn’t spoil the trip or anything, but it hasn’t made the transition back to reality any easier. He’s been IV-dripped and is home recovering. We’re waiting for the tests to come back to see whether it’s typhoid. (Impossible! We were vaccinated.)

Update 5/7/08: Apparently not typhoid, but campylobacter.

Here are some of the first photos I’ve gotten around to posting.

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