So I let crazy take a spin

Hmm. Well. Where to begin.

Took Rob to a Tori Amos concert across the border yesterday. Was sort of disappointed in my dinner at the Indian restaurant, sort of disappointed in the concert (I know, I know), and was downright vitriolic about having my car towed. (We were at a meter that turned into a taxi zone from 8 p.m.-4 a.m. Fri – Mon. I foolishly interpreted this as 4 a.m. Monday.)

Here’s the nutjob thing about it. I’m buying a ticket for tomorrow’s show in Seattle off Craigslist. To drive to in hideous traffic and attend by myself. Not to mention the stress of connecting with a stranger to get said ticket.

It’s likely to be a completely different show (although probably she’ll still wear that ill-fitting gold jumpsuit during the second half), and I need to shake the bad vibes from last night.

How to explain my disappointment in the show? She’s playing these characters on her latest album, which I already found a bit weird. The first half of the show is performed by one of these characters and the second half by “Tori.” Last night, she was “Santa” in a white Carol Channing wig. I wasn’t digging it.

Hoping that, at the least, she’ll be playing a different role tomorrow.

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