Got a speeding ticket tonight. This sort of thing happens to Rob every other month, but I haven’t gotten one since Sept. 2003. I was on my way to a Weird Al concert then, so you can see why I might have been in a hurry.

Today, I was driving leisurely home from a dog class in Seattle. Wasn’t even aware I was driving 80, until a car pulled behind me in the fast lane, and I looked at the speedometer, thinking I better move over because surely I am driving so slowly this person will want to pass me.

But then that person turned on his damn red and blue lights.

Isis didn’t care for the inconvenience of being pulled over on the freeway and having a stranger talk to me through my window. It roused her from dozing on the passenger seat with her head on my lap. She barked shrilly at the officer while he gave me the instructions for responding to the citation. To his credit, this did not visibly bother or offend him.

I thought of the officers who fatally shot someone’s out-of-control pit bull that snarled at them from a car while they questioned its owners. I guess Isis’ police dog lineage makes her a less likely candidate for that sort of demise.

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