Dance dance

For the record, I think Sabra will win. Although Lacey’s the better dancer, technically. She’s amazing. I like all four finalists; only Neil would surprise me if he won, but he’s surprised me already.

I found him rather annoying at the start of the season. I couldn’t figure out why he didn’t get cut before Jesus. He bored me. And he was too pretty. But he’s grown on me. He’s got personality.

Sara was my fave. I voted for her 5 or 6 times the night before she got eliminated. Guess I shoulda called a few more times. At least I don’t have the guilt of last season when Allison got eliminated because I didn’t vote once.

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2 thoughts on “Dance dance

  1. Lacey is my pick although I like them all. Lacey is just got it all and is very sexy.

  2. A definite possibility. But there also seems to be a lot of Lacey backlash. (They’re just jealous!)

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