Some things are sacred

Do not underestimate my emotional involvement in So You Think You Can Dance.

We’re now down to the top 8, and last night’s elimination was tough. While there are a couple of dancers I haven’t been as fond of (Neil and Lauren), I recognize that they are better dancers that some of the ones I like (Dominic). Actually, all five of the girls are versatile and fabulous. I didn’t like Jaimie at first, then she grew on me, but I’m OK with seeing her go last night.

But Kameron, sob! I feel like he never got a chance to shine. Still, he never let me down, either. He, like Dominic, was blessed with a fantastic partnership. Sure Lacey outshone him, but he had the chops and the strength to hold his own alongside her. I’ll miss him.

Although, the top 10 do get to go on tour together, so it’s not like anyone who’s getting sent home actually goes home. We’ll see him next week in the audience, I’m sure.

I watched this week’s episode with my mom, and subjected her to some of my favorite dances from earlier episodes. (I can’t delete any of them from my TiVo!) I’d say, “You want to see a really good one?” She’d say, “No.” And I’d play it anyway.

Then if she made a crack like, “They really don’t have any new material for tonight’s show, do they?” or observe that Lacey did some of the same moves in her All that Jazz routine that she did in Hip Hip Chin Chin, I screamed and yelled something like, “Of course they don’t! It’s an elimination show!” or “How is that possible? One’s a Broadway Jazz and the other’s Samba. They had different choreographers!”

I’m telling you, I am deadly serious about this show. There will be no mocking.

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