Zen in the workplace

As usual, my mother has the answer to all my problems. (i.e. No. 1) Drive down to the training tonight and stay in a motel. After tomorrow night’s meeting, drive back down to motel. This allows me to sleep til a normal time in the mornings, and not fight the hellish morning traffic.

Here’s something hilarious: after all my efforts and stress about the display, I’ve been asked not to use it. My coworker thinks I should be mad, but whatever, I didn’t make the display so everyone would see it and say, “My, what a lovely display.” In the moment, I enjoyed making it. The goal at the time was to create a means of disseminating information. I’m sad that it won’t be used as a tool to educate people, but not mad that my work went to waste. I just have to find another way.

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