Taco Time wants you to eat meat.

It’s one thing to give Rob a crisp beef burrito instead of a crisp bean burrito, cus those sorta sound alike. That’s happened at multiple Taco Times. Though he’s a carnivore, for some reason he can’t stomach the beef burrito, and always makes a face, puts it down and goes for the phone book (when we’ve brought the food home) and calls the restaurant. He complains and gets them to write down his name so he can get a free bean burrito next time.

But there’s no way I said anything close to the word “chicken” when I ordered my junior quesadilla with black bean and corn salsa. I also said I didn’t want the combo, but they gave me Mexi-fries (aka tater tots) anyway. At least they got the diet Coke part right.

After I took a bite and spit out the chicken chunk, I drove back through. I’m not really that lazy, but there weren’t any cars in line. When the guy handed me back my meatless quesadilla he said something that sounded like, “Sorry, we got our signals crossed there.”

I gave a meager smile and realized a second after I drove away that what he’d said was, “We put some crustos in there.”

Oh, free dessert. Thanks.

So Taco Time wants you to eat meat and if you won’t, then they want you to be fat.

Published by Kari Neumeyer

Writer, editor, dog mom, ovarian cancer survivor

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