Not in Portland

I always get lost in Portland. Always. I have fairly decent maps of downtown, but none that actually show how to get back to the hotel. Which is really easy to find, if one can find the freeway. Also, even if I decide what exit will get me closest to my destination, somehow, I never actually get off at that exit or it winds up leading me somewhere totally unexpected.

Good thing driving with Isis and Rob is so pleasant!

We discovered another Powell’s and I spent another $40 on books.

I have a wonderful guide for traveling with your dog in the Pacific Northwest. It suggested two places for dinner in the general vicinity of the other Powell’s. (Also worth mentioning is that one of the wiener dogs who helped research the book is named Isis!)

The Lucky Lab seemed the better bet on paper, but when we got there it had a decidedly frat house feel, with picnic tables and peanut shells. The only reason we didn’t even stay for one drink was because there was some really loud microphone/contest something-or-other going on.

Instead, we wound up at the charming Berlin Inn (more fitting anyway, as we are all German). Isis ordered the Mutt Mix, I had portabella “fingers,” a Riesling blend, a chocolate Grand Marnier torte and Rob had smoked salmon potato pancakes, bier and a lemon cake, which he shared with the dog. Isis was only a little frightened of the perfectly well-behaved dog at the next table. And only got a little restless and whiny, but it was a really cute place and the staff was quite friendly.

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