Isis is a camel

Greetings from Portland, Ore. I can see Washington from here. Our hotel is practically on the bridge between Oregon and Washington. We have a river view.

Isis peed as usual when I let her out this morning at 6 or 7. I don’t even remember seeing her poop before we left on our journey. We gave her several opportunities to relieve herself throughout the day, but she doesn’t like to go anywhere except her own lawn. We thought the little park outside the Flagship REI in Seattle was ideal…but she wasn’t interested.

About two hours later, she was finally ready. It was about 5:30 and she took the longest pee I’ve ever seen her take within a minute of her release from the car. And didn’t go again until about 20 minutes ago. And it took some coaxing.

Apparently I should have trained her to go while on a leash. After a 20 minute walk, I let her loose on the grassy hill around a tennis court by the river bank. It was nervous-making, because as I expected, she raced around in circles like a demon. But she was good and stayed within sight and came to me when I called her (as long as I then ran in the opposite direction so she could chase me.) Eventually she remembered nature’s call and did all the business I needed her to do so that I can go to sleep and not worry about her soiling this nice hotel room.

Oh, and I bought $100 in books at Powell’s. While Isis roasted in the car. Rob only spent $92.

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