Can’t believe they didn’t close government offices

Newspapers warn outdoor workers to drink lots of fortified beverages like Gatorade.

“Eighty degrees is a temperature range we’re not accustomed to. We don’t live in Palm Springs or in California. If you’re always in that heat, your body is acclimated to the environment. … In the Pacific Northwest, your body’s going to be stressed.”

I’m enjoying a Vitamin Water, recently purchased by Coca-Cola, in “revive” — a fruit punch flavor with potassium. Reminds me of the Snapple I drank when I was in high school, but not so sweet.

I do feel bad for those suckers in the capital, where it’s supposed to be close to 90. We don’t have air conditioning in these parts.

Fortunately for me, my house is shaded with ginormous trees and stays quite cool. At least it did during the winter. The outdoor thermometer on my kitchen window was reading 91 when I left this morning, but that’s gotta be cus it’s in the direct sun. Also lucky for me: at work, I’m the only one whose office has a window.

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