Save My Bath hasn’t called. Hard to believe but there are actually worse bathrooms than mine.

The golden guest bath has the same problem that my master bathroom used to have…orange tile and a gross faux marble linoleum countertop that is actually tiled to the wall. If I wanted to replace just the counter top, I’d need to chip out a few rows of tile. And if I were going to remove some of the tile, why not all of the tile, because really, I’m just not that into orange.

While watching Save My Bath (because I now TiVo it), I saw a commercial (or was it a public service announcement) with a cheap, easy fix to update a tired old bathroom countertop.

Paint it!

I decided to embrace the orange and painted the countertop “Toffee Crunch.” I also got a new faucet, which hasn’t been installed because my house doesn’t have a master water turn-off place (no kidding, I have to call the city or a licensed, bonded plumber to turn it off at the street connection), and the valves under the sink are so old they’ll probably break right off if I turn them. In the other bathroom, the installation dude was all, “I highly recommend that you replace these valves.” Wish he’d done it for me.)

So. At some point I will have nothing to be ashamed of when guests use my bathroom, once I figure out how to get that faucet installed. In the meantime, I think my new countertop is so cute!

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