Next stop, the roof?

As you may recall, a fireplace was one of Rob’s “must-haves” for our house. I meant to have the thing inspected and cleaned as soon as the weather turned cool. But when I called in October, the big chimney place told me they were booked through Christmas.

A few months later, mid-January as I recall, I had another guy out to look at it. He was there for 30 seconds and told me the chimney didn’t need cleaning. It had some water damage, but all we needed was a chimney cap and to waterproof it this summer. That should clear up all the water damage.

He was supposed to come out the next week and put on a chimney cap and then he’d bill me for the consult and the installation. S’far as I can tell, he hasn’t been back. I don’t even want to call to remind him. Just need someone else to put on the chimney cap. I’m going to be annoyed if/when he does show up and bill me, because the work is so overdue. And you know what? It’s rained since then!

What excuse could he possibly have for not coming out? Did he forget?

Then there’s the sad irony that I wouldn’t let Rob burn anything in our fireplace because I was afraid it would burn the house down or fill it with smoke, but it turns out it would have been healthy for the waterlogged thing to have a fire or two this winter.

He’s had a fire in it, like, constantly upon hearing this news.

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