My last weekend with Barney

I’m feeling a little better now. Have been able to watch the video of Barney, with the music on, and smile. Good old Barney.

When we picked him up from the groomer on the morning of our Christmas party, the groomer said he was losing a lot of weight and his ears needed cleaning. I took him to the vet and sat with him on my lap for close to an hour before the vet could see him. I enjoyed seeing all kinds of people come in with all kinds of dogs. Puppies mostly, getting their shots.

Barney lay peacefully on my lap, allowing me to pet him. As opposed to the treatment he sometimes gave me during my visits, in which he would get up and move to another spot on the floor if I disturbed his slumber by sitting down next to him to shower him with affection.

Some cat lady said to me as she left the waiting room, “I hope your dog feels better.”

I was sort of offended. Like she could tell by looking that the pile of white fur on my lap wasn’t feeling well?

After he got his ears cleaned, Barney did seem to be in better spirits. I worried that he’d be overwhelmed by the party, but he worked the room as usual.

Here’s a picture I took with my camera phone two days later, on Christmas, the last day I saw him. The stuffed iguana represents Stew, and is a squeak toy that belongs to Q&A’s dog, Zoe.

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