Excitingly photographed

The marketers for “Children of Men” were touting “The most excitingly photographed movie of the year” in its ads, which I found intriguing, because you don’t hear that a lot, so I thought the cinematography must really be something.

I kept hearing “The most excitingly photographed movie of the year” in my head as we watched the flick on Saturday, and I thought, “You know, you generally don’t want to draw attention to the photography,” but anyway, I didn’t notice anything unusually exciting about it.

Bleak little movie, but I liked it.

Afterward, without being prompted by the “The most excitingly photographed movie of the year” review (which I must be paraphrasing, because I can’t find it on the internet), Rob commented that there was some fancy camera work in one of the stunt scenes. Don’t know if he found it excitingly photographed, though.

He also insisted that I told him the movie was about a future where men bear the babies. Uh, no, I’m pretty sure I didn’t.

Our other pop culture experience this past week was “Rollergirls,” which Rob inexplicably became preoccupied with after buying the whole season on DVD from a pawn shop. It was strangely engrossing.

Quite a few punches were thrown, so I can see how kickboxing skills would come in handy. I would like to say that I’m tough enough to take a hit like those broads, especially since I’ve already got my Roller Derby name picked out: Helen Wheels. I can’t believe none of the girls on the show were already using it.

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