I have more trouble with “all-natural” “homeopathic” type remedies I impulse buy than with drugs that are actually prescribed to me by professionals. Maybe I should see a naturopath, instead of concocting my own remedies.

A year or so ago, I read about MSM and thought it would be the miracle cure for my TMJ. It’s recommended that you take it in extremely high doses, and if there’s no effect, keep increasing the dose until you feel something. I had some stomach pains when I first started taking it, so I stopped and then started again. Taking 1,000 mg a day (1 pill) cured my allergies. I upped it to 2,000 mg and I think that’s when my lower back pain got worse, and I suspected the MSM was so effective that it strengthening my joints to the point of aching. I scaled back to 1,000 mg.

This week, I’m testing out another nutritional supplement, and I noticed that my heart felt a little fluttery in kickboxing on Tuesday. When I felt it again at work yesterday, I wondered if it was related to the supplement, so I didn’t take it today. But I’m still feeling the fluttery. Wonder how many days to stay off the supplement to establish that it’s not the cause of the palpitations, and if it’s not…how to stop them. They’re unnerving.

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