Doy mi sangre

Remember on Beverly Hills, 90210 when Dylan took Brenda to donate blood on Valentine’s Day? So romantic.

I gave blood today for the first time since high school. For some reason I thought that all the medication I take would make my blood undesirable… how stupid of me. This is a college campus. I probably have a lot fewer drugs in my bloodstream than most of the donors.

Two Minute Maid fruit punch boxes and two Cougar Mountain cookies made it all worthwhile. I’m a little bummed that they didn’t have stickers. I went to the “blood mobile” instead of the room in the student union, just because it seemed more fun, even though it was probably warmer in the student union. When I asked if they had stickers, they told me they would tomorrow, when they were in their “good bus.” What? I went on the wrong day?

Actually I strategically picked Wednesday, because Tuesdays and Thursdays are when more is expected of me in the martial arts class and I can always use the blood donation as an excuse not to be Rob’s grappling dummy tonight.

Ohmygolly, I plum forgot. My Czech “boyfriend” gave blood a lot, and he was always too weak to do anything after. He said he had some extra-superspecial blood that was really in demand. He gave blood on my birthday and used that as an excuse to stand me up. Obviously that wasn’t the real reason. Jerk.