Big Fish

I dare say that I think I’ve grown at this job these past 10 months.

I’ve always been the type to get frustrated when other people’s inadequacies slowed me down. I do my best work when allowed to do so independently. Reporting seemed a good fit, because not only did I get to do my own research and writing, but I also had the freedom to leave the office whenever I wanted to without necessarily having to tell anyone where I was going.

But newspapers are a screwy business anyway, and reporters tend to be managed by editors. I found it supremely frustrating to have my work adversely affected by the inadequacies of my superior(s).

So I went into public relations, and it’s been so much fun reporting and writing little stories and not having to worry about whether I’m meeting some newfangled reader initiative, or even, like, getting a second source. Instead, my concerns are: “Is this interesting?” and “Who might cover it?”

Here’s where the growth happened. I’m in a small office, receiving orders from one supervisor, who’s very into considering everybody’s opinions about everything.

Should our press releases be single-spaced? Never one to make a decision unilaterally, he’ll cc us underlings to make sure everyone has a chance to weigh in. We’re still 1.5-spacing them, btw.

Today I decided to pitch a story to Good Morning America, so I did. Who knows if they’ll bite, but I do have contacts there from an earlier story. Which I got a lot of credit for, even though the reporter/anchor called me first.

As much as I talk about surfing the Internet most of the day, all it takes is one Good Morning America story, and the bosses think I’m Moses.

I don’t know why I consider this a sign of maturity, except that I really know what my job is and how to do it, and I’ve been allowed to do it, unfettered. Also, I have interns to boss around.

Next week, I’ll start a new job where, as impossible as it sounds, I will have even less supervision. Either I’m ready for it, or else I’ll be fired for online shopping and fiction writing on the clock.

…Seriously, I don’t think I can even get fired for that. Wonder if anyone will care if I have a TV in my office…or bring a puppy to work.

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