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Jeez, I’ve only been blogging about once a week. Maybe this will change when I start my new job. I haven’t actually been hired yet, but I have a second interview tomorrow.

Amusingly enough, the interview tomorrow is in the city where I lived before I moved up here to live with Rob. Also known as the state capital. And the job is in the city where I worked when I met Rob. So I’m having a kind of “this is your life” of jobs that have led me to this point.

I have this sweater set that I bought at an Ann Taylor outlet store in Nov. 2000 that I consider my “job interview” sweater set. It’s black and off-white and has sort of a stripey pattern across the chest, but is black closer to the waist. I like it because women in my field (in my region) don’t tend to wear suits and men even look a little silly (to me) when they show up for interviews in jackets and ties. Better than being underdressed, I guess. I think the silk sweater set with black pants is just the right degree of dressy, so I look professional, but not like I’m trying too hard. Also it’s more comfortable than a suit. Also I don’t even have a suit.

To tell the truth, I wore something else to two of the interviews for jobs I have accepted during the past six years, because the weather was warm. But, even though I didn’t wear it to either day of the two-day interview at my last newspaper, I did wear it to meet with a recruiter for that newspaper chain in early 2001. It was a practice interview in my grad school newsroom, and had nothing to do with my later employment, and frankly, at the time I couldn’t imagine working for that chain at all.

That practice interview was the first time I wore it to an interview (and I worried that I was underdressed because everyone else had on suits). The next time I wore it for an interview wasn’t until I came back from Prague (it was June when I interviewed at RFE). I wore it to City News in Los Angeles. Worked there for a few months. Wore it to the first day of my two-day interview at the SVH, but not to my interview at the next paper, as I said.

Wore it to my interview here, and wore it Monday to my interview for my next job. I did have an interview here on campus for another job last spring, and I didn’t wear the sweater set and I didn’t get the job either. That’s the only interview I can think of where I didn’t get the job. Pretty good, considering I didn’t get any of the jobs I interviewed (aka auditioned) for when I was pursuing acting. Oh wait, I did bulldoze my way into an interview at a paper in Southern Cal in February 2004. I didn’t get it, but I did wear the sweater set. I did not wear the sweater set to the job fair in San Diego the following May. Didn’t get any job offers either.

‘Course, the real question is what the hell am I going to wear for my second interview tomorrow…

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