In between naps, Rob and I saw Snakes on a Plane.

A bunch of the silly blogs I read say it’s such a fun movie, and while it’s not bad, per se, I think the funness depends on having a really enthusiastic crowd hissing and hollering and waving sock puppets. Our matinee crowd was somewhat subdued, and maybe that’s my fault for actually shooshing some talkers during the first 10 minutes.

I guess this isn’t news to the world, but that “catchphrase” scene, the one where Samuel L. says the bit about the muthaf-ing snakes on the muthaf-ing plane, was so obviously done in a reshoot. It’s incongruous and he’s the only one in the frame.

**This confirmed by imdb: In March 2006 New Line Cinema, due to massive fan interest on the Internet, allowed for a 5 day reshoot to film new scenes to take the movie from PG-13 to a R-rated film (originally the film wrapped principal photography in September 2005). Among these additions is the Jackson character’s line, “I’ve had it with these muthaf-ing snakes on this muthaf-ing plane!” a line that originated in an anticipatory internet parody of the movie.

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