I’m highest bidder!

A few months ago, I melted the charger for my Sonicare toothbrush. (I used the outlet behind the refrigerator and stored it on top of the stove. We had electrical issues.)

I would have just chucked the whole Sonicare system, but I had an unused brush head and when I moved, I discovered a second base. So I searched ebay for a new charger.

I bid on one that was $3 with $4 shipping. It came with yet another base, but it was a better deal than the one listed for 99 cents with $9.75 for shipping. Bidding escalated and I think the thing went for $29. So I bid on the 99 cent one, and found myself in a bidding war in the last 3 minutes of the auction (with two people scheduled to come to my office for a meeting at the precise moment the auction closed). I won. And am paying $16.50 plus $9.75 for a new charger. It’s cheaper than buying a new electric toothbrush, right?

Rob has used my ebay account to list items that were (ahem) shut down under his account, and I bought an answering machine from my last address, but for some reason, ebay still had my account registered at my Chicago address. Dude, New York had a World Trade Center when I lived in Chicago.

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