Clorox v. Tide

I love love love the Clorox bleach pen. It cleans the grout on my kitchen counter so nicely. Not so impressed with the Tide to Go pen. It does not satisfactorily remove food stains from my clothes.

This is why employees should not eat lunch at their desks. Not that I haven’t been known to drip salsa on my pants while at the cafeteria. But yesterday, it was a splash of pomodoro sauce on my white button-down blouse. Today, salad dressing on my khakis. Oil and khaki do not mix.

So, homeownership rocks. I’ve been eating at my desk so I can leave work at 4 and rush over to Lowe’s. (Actually went twice yesterday, because I got the wrong kind of kitchen faucet at first. Also got three trellises for the roses on the first trip and a showerhead on the second.)

The house is beautifully decorated with tons of my grandmother’s furniture and pieces of Asian art. Rob returned Friday to find many an unfamiliar item in his new home. Fortunately he likes all of them. Or at least hasn’t complained.

The aforementioned (below) photos will have to wait til we get our internet hooked up Thursday.

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