I can’t let it go

I’ve got “Deja Vu” by Beyonce running through my head this morning. And am waiting for it to come on the radio. Shouldn’t be long. This is the same song that was on my radio when I parked my car Monday and was on again when I got back in it a few hours later.

Now, here’s a song I can’t imagine anyone else singing. Can you say Karaoke disaster? Then again, something about the pitch of her voice when she’s really wailing reminds me of Lea Salonga in “Miss Saigon.”

America Voted. I did not.

Oh Reality TV, how you have your hooks in me. Wednesday night I was in the grips of a solid three hours of Contest Shows. (Rock Star: Supernova, So You Think You Can Dance and Project Runway.)

I’m so bummed that Allison got cut from SYTYCD; she is meant to dance in the Celine Dion show (and that’s totally a compliment). Someone like Heidi, who is very good at Latin dance and ballroom, admits she can’t move her body like a contemporary dancer — and the prize for this show is a contract as a contemporary dancer.

Cat Deeley is right. It’s my fault for not voting for Allison. I’m sure she’ll get hired for something anyway. Now I’m rooting for Travis. And will actually have to vote for him next week.

Although I enjoy all the remaining dancers.

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