My congressman is creepier than your congressman

“Dear K.N. and R.E., (our full names) My campaign staff and I were recently in your neighborhood and noticed that you currently reside in an apartment. Please be assured that I respect your privacy, but also wanted to take the time to share the issues with you that I discussed with your neighbors…”

First odd thing: We aren’t on any mailing lists together. How did he get our names? From the voter registry? How did he know that Rob hadn’t moved out and just not re-registered to vote at his new address?

The first sentence is creepy enough, but then he (or his campaign letterwritter who should be fired) acknowledges this with the “I respect your privacy” bit. The rest of the letter has nothing to do with living in a house versus an apartment. Why bring it up, except to try to prove that he really was here in our neighborhood? But unless he opened up our locked mailbox and went through our mail, being in our neighborhood would not have been the key to matching our names to this apartment.

I don’t care if you were on the Colbert Report, buddy, I’m not voting for you. And have one more reason to look forward to moving.

Published by Kari Neumeyer

Writer, editor, dog mom, ovarian cancer survivor

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