Down the rabbit hole

I ran out of checks right about the time I made an offer on a house. Actually, for all I know I have a whole box of them in my storage unit somewhere. I rarely use the things. ‘Specially since I don’t even pay rent at this time.

I sense, however, that I’m going to be paying lots of people large amounts of money for various things in the next few months, so ordering new ones seemed like a good idea. And since it’s not like I need to be conserving money for anything, like, say monthly mortgage payments for the next 30 years, it seemed like a better idea to order decorative checks rather than the blue checkered Washington Mutual standard ones I’d been using. The 10 “Disney Magic” scenes make me happy when I’m spending money, OK?

So I wrote the check for the earnest money deposit on a Snow White check, where she’s kissing Dopey on the head. (Heh. Me: skin pale as driven snow, Rob: Dopey.) And I just wrote one out for the home inspector on Alice at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Such fun, this check-writing is.

Next up, Pinocchio and Gepetto.

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