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So I’ve picked out a house. And found a new iguana to adopt.

The next item on my To Do list is to find a dog. Mind you, we haven’t gotten a response to our offer yet, and we’ll probably have to fence the yard before adopting a guard dog, but it’s never too soon to narrow down one’s preferences.

I’m liking Rottweiler-Lab mixes. Some fascist Rottweiler online forums were lamenting the destruction of the species via this form of outbreeding, lambasting a poster who innocently asked if anyone knew a Rott-Lab breeder.

…Why would anyone breed Labs and Rotts on purpose? Are they so stupid as to think it would result in Rottweileresque guard qualities with a friendly Labrador disposition? It just as easily could create a vicious, food-obsessed monstrosity…

Yeah, I just think their heads are a little cuter than your garden-variety Rottweiler. I’m keeping an open mind, but I’m attracted to black dogs with brown muzzles and eyebrows.

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