Trying times

Rob and I have stopped fighting about which Realtor is less incompetent and saw some houses yesterday that might do.

One is hideous from top to bottom, but in a great location. I’ve been watching several consecutive hours of HGTV every weekend, so I’m comfortable with my ability to knock out walls and install an entirely new kitchen. The paint inside that one isn’t bad, but the exterior is a dusky mint green, which looks fluorescent in pictures.

It’s across from live horses and has a large yard for a dog and a 1,600-square-foot shop. I think Rob doesn’t like it so much because he can’t see what it has the potential to become. But I was getting excited about the possibilities as I lay awake last night.

The other place, of which Rob said “I like almost everything about it,” is funky with a capital Fuh. Has sort of a bay view (with the freeway in the foreground), and is made of concrete bricks (is there any other kind?), which give texture to the inside walls. The kitchen cabinets are painted silver (to match the refrigerator that may or may not be staying) with white doors. The exterior is an army green, which must be repainted indigo if we are to live there. Many of the interior rooms are varying shades of bile and vomit green.

The master bedroom here is an add-on on stilts. We think we can enclose the carport and build a shop/martial arts studio underneath, connected to the basement.

Stand by for the word from architect and city planner types…

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