Bleak House

Yesterday I could hardly breathe, I was so giddy with anticipation. We found the Perfect House, with a huge shop for our lil side business. But, turns out, the city does not permit our particular kind of business in a huge, existing outbuilding. We’d have to find a way to connect it to the house. Which is not possible in this particular location.

So we’re still looking. And I knooow we’ll find something else that makes me giddy with excitement. But it was bright and sunny yesterday and cold and rainy today.

I’m disgruntled.

We should just buy cheap and build our dream home/martial arts school. But that sounds like a lot of work.

We need a really light and airy basement, about 1,500 square feet. See, the true advantage of that outbuilding on the forbidden property was that I could force Rob to put Every Single Martial Arts Related thing in the shop, leaving the home portion to look like a home. (Also, it had a toilet.) Since the city requires us to have the business inside the residence, this blurs the lines a little more and I anticipate seeing free weights and groin protectors on the living room floor.

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