Finale season

You know you’re over a show when you can’t be bothered to set an old-fashioned VCR on another TV when there’s a programming conflict. (My TiVo only gets one show at a time, but Rob has a DVR in another room and like, we have several VCRs between us, and at least one DVD player that’s not even plugged in.)

So, I chose Top Model over the final episodes of Alias, but then realized I could TiVo Alias on a Canadian station on Sunday afternoons, of all times. Then I forgot to set TiVo to do that. And didn’t even notice that I’d missed a few episodes.

Rather than pick up with the finale, I think I’ll just wait til I can Netflix the last disc of the last season. But decided during the waning minutes of my Friday afternoon, to read the summaries on Television Without Pity, which may actually have been more enjoyable than watching the episodes themselves.

And I’m mad at ABC anyway. Sure they gave us Lost, but why are they taking away Invasion?? Now we’ll never know what happened to the pregnant brown-haired journalist who got turned into a hybrid after getting shot in the final scenes of the finale. Would she have given birth to a full-fledged alien, or just another hybrid?

Also, I can’t really get excited about the finale of 24. They lost me with, “It’s a Russian submarine!” Whatever.

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