Think I sprained my big toe last night in class. Kicking a dude. Barefoot. Nice way to end a swell week.

Looks like everyone’s having troubles. Dooce has concocted a culinary cure: the chocolate chip cookie peanut butter and nutella sandwich, topped with cookies and cream ice cream, M&Ms and caramel syrup. Nothing wrong with that.

Not that I condone drowning one’s troubles in food. Although I did eat a whole bunch of ice cream before class last night, and today used the 1/2 price off excuse to eat two Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs.

At the non-franchised eating place, I had to wait while my veggie burger was grilled. Another woman asked for one and the dude said they’re not making them in advance (like the meat burgers and fries that languish under the heat lamp) because not enough people buy them.

See if I care, buddy. Tastes better fresh anyway.

Waiting gave me a chance to observe some more strange dining habits of college students. (I’ve mentioned the breadsticks thing before).

One guy had a soft pretzel with cheese, and came over to the grill to get a side of fries with that.

Another dude asked if they had onion rings. (No.) Waffle fries? (No.) Guess regular fries don’t cut it for him. He got a side of chicken strips to go with his slice of pizza.