Some shouts out

Because I can’t think of anything but my lost little friend, I’ll continue eulogizing.

I’d like to mention some of the people who helped care for Emerald at one time or other:

  • The Katz family in Chicago, whose little boy got a little scratched up;
  • My Aunt Barb in Indiana and cousin-in-law Bill who carried him around on his shoulders;
  • Steve and Maria, who had to lure Emerald back into his cage with food;
  • Allison, whose arm got mistaken for a banana;
  • Ron, who called my friends every night while I was away and said, “The lizard! She is dead!” (not quite so funny anymore) because Emerald hardly moved and Ron tended to mix up his gender pronouns;
  • Stephanie, who wrestled with him when he broke through a screen window;

and most of all, my mom, who took care of the little green beast, despite not wanting to touch him, for a year and a half while I was in Prague.

Emerald loved bananas, green onions and climbing inside lampshades. The first time I thought I I lost him forever was in Chicago, when he crawled under the dishwasher. When he was smaller, I once found him on top of the VCR, with his tail sticking out of the hole in the TV stand with the electrical cords. I enjoyed waking up to find him sitting in front of the heating vent.

It’s funny how I’m playing a little flashback montage of our life together in my head. Wonder what song should be playing…