You’d think, that by age 30, I would have developed all the bad/weird habits that I was going to get. But not only have I developed a new one, I seemed to have resumed an old habit (circa 1989) now that my hair has gotten longer.

Like, all of a sudden, it seems. Within the last few weeks I’ve thought, “My hair is really long.” (Mind you, I look back at pictures of me in college and am surprised that it nearly reaches my waist. It’s not that long yet — maybe low shoulder blade.) I’m obsessed with keeping it looking healthy, so I touch it. And think, “My, isn’t that silky?”

Here’s the new habit. I’m actually twirling it. With my left hand. While I work. Girlish, huh?

For the past five years, I have somewhat compulsively tweezed grays from my head. Usually I spot these in fluorescently lit ladies rooms, and have to yank them with my bare hands.

But now, while sitting at my desk, I can actually see the ends of my hair, which contain a smattering of split ends. This does not jibe with my healthy-haired aspirations. And since the giant shear-like company-issued scissors don’t make a clean cut, I actually brought my own split-end trimming scissors to work today.

This is not an attractive habit.

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