The Human Body at work

I never thought I’d say this, but it’s true that I feel more alert when I wake up between 6 and 7.

I mean, it’s still really hard to get out of bed, but I no longer have the option of dozing until 10:30 anymore, yet I find myself getting through the day for the most part not nodding off at my desk.

I slept in on Saturday and Sunday. (They tell you not to do this; you should wake up at the same time every day) and felt groggy most of the day. Yesterday I felt groggy, even though I went to bed early.

Last night I stayed up til 11:30 or so, woke up at 6 to go to IHOP with Rob before work, and I feel great!

The other thing is, I’ve been having lower back pain. Like an old person! I started feeling twinges a few months ago, but have been feeling it every day and am aware of it all the time (much like the jaw pain, which persists, possibly because I keep drinking caffeine and eating chips) since I started this job where I’m sitting most of the day. I used to spend more time in the “field,” I guess. Although I do walk quite a bit to get my lunch each day.

I did yoga at home on Saturday and Sunday and actually made it to a pretty strenuous class last night. And my back feels loads better!

Speaking of the exclamation mark…

I used to think it looked unprofessional to over-exclamate in e-mails. And I still think it’s a tell-tale sign of an immature person to end every sentence with an exclamation point! Or multiples!!!

But now, I think it looks friendly. Like, an otherwise dull e-mail is livened right up with a “Thanks!” at the end.

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