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So Emerald took a little vacay at the in-laws. ‘Cus Rob was afraid the apartment inspectors would evict us or raise the rent if they saw a four-and-a-half foot iguana living in a dog crate in the computer room.

I was like, Dude, the iguana is about the least weird thing about this place. It’s not like you’re getting your security deposit back 10 years later, after hanging punching bags on chains from the ceilings and drilling a FocusMaster into the wall. And don’t even get me started on Bob.

But I obeyed.

We moved Emerald and cage without incident, unless you count Rob’s dropping the UV light about six times and cracking the plastic crate liner. Last night we returned to retrieve him.

Rob’s parents were very concerned that Emerald wasn’t getting into his hammock by himself.

“The hammock’s not hung right,” they kept telling Rob on the phone.

“We had to lift him up and put him in the hammock,” they told me when I got there last night.

The hammock was fine. As I predicted, Emerald did not poop the whole four days he was there.

I took Emerald out of the cage to begin the dismantling and, like he has so many times before, the little guy tried to climb on top of my head. This time, however, one of his claws went inside my left nostril, and uh, got stuck. Like a fish hook.

It took some maneuvering to detach his claw from the delicate inner lining of my nose, but amazingly, the cut appears superficial and there was little blood.

S’pose it could have been worse. He could have slashed out my eyes or cut my face someplace that showed. I mean, I’m convinced there is still a slightly visible bump on my forehead from my last ridiculous injury.

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