My senses have abandoned their defenses

I ordered a “Canadian” hot chocolate, which has a dash of vanilla in it. As I walked across the rainy, red brick courtyard back to my office, I swear my beverage smelled like coffee. Doesn’t taste like it though.

Aspiring actors and writers are advised to journal. (Yeah, that’s a verb.) I like journaling, but never cared for the assignment of filling up three pages first thing in the morning, and never have kept to a schedule of daily stream-of-consciousness babble. I tend to write when I have something to say. (Such as the above jaw-dropper about my coffee-scented cocoa.)

I’m taking a fiction-writing class. Via correspondence. My first assignment asks that I do a five-minute free-write a couple of times. But I’ve found it rather enjoyable to sit during a lunch break, and free-write in my journal. So I’ve been doing it every day.

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