I’m sorry I haven’t written. It only took me a day to get over my fear of writing personal e-mails at my new job, but blogging feels riskier. Specially since I now work for the government. ‘Course, I was working for the government when I started this blog, but that was different. I was in Prague, and people weren’t living in fear of having their blogs discovered by their bosses. (Although Dooce already had been fired for hers).

The job is great. Living with Rob is great. Everything’s great.

I have an office with my name on the door and two tall windows that look out at trees. I have three plants in the window and one of them has fragrant hyacinth blooms. Another has a little gnome living in it. We live very close to my job, so I take the bus in the morning and Rob picks me up after work. If he circumnavigates the campus, he can pick me up right outside my building. I can see him from my window.

This is useful as we are in our 23rd straight day of rain.

Weddingpalooza comes to a close this weekend in Los Angeles. (Sorta, since now Chelsea’s on the bridal train.) I’m a little concerned my French manicure won’t last the weekend and that my green Vera Wang trunk sale dress won’t actually fit properly, as I had three fittings and had to leave town before I was satisfied with the finished product. Had to leave the seamstress with the instructions to take the strap in a little (or was it out?) Three fittings for a bridesmaid’s dress did me in. Do we think I’m going to go through that for a bridal gown? Answer is no.

Still, even if I don’t get to wear green fingernails that match the dress I didn’t pick out for myself, I’m certain the wedding is going to be a good time.

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