Staying gold

Deepak Chopra says that I should wake up between 6 and 7 a.m. The time change is a good time to experiment with this, and the novel writing challenge is good motivation for a girl who routinely stays in bed til 9:30 or 10 on work days.

So I started the novel, which I call “Compromised.” It’s easier for me to describe character relationships at 7 in the morning than it is for me to write plot. Have 492 words so far. Am supposed to write 1,667 a day in order to have 50,000 by month’s end. When people ask me why, I call it a challenge, and it does get me in the habit of writing. I mean, aside from the 8+ hours a day I spend at work. But even then, I write two sentences before clicking onto another window and checking my e-mail or looking something up online.

While traveling this weekend, I read two books. Sort of. I grew tired of one and skipped to the end, which I almost never have done. It was “Hawkes Harbor,” an adult vampire novel by the now adult S.E. Hinton, who was once the famed 16-year-old author of “The Outsiders.” It wasn’t good. It held my interest through most of my flight to Los Angeles, but yesterday afternoon, I came to an extremely cliched section and flipped to the end to confirm my suspicion that there was nothing else in this story that I needed to know. And it was Halloween. I gave up on a vampire story on Halloween.

I got to the airport very early yesterday, because of the complications of my driver having to endure rush hour traffic both ways to LAX. At about 4:30 I started reading “The Jane Austen Book Club,” which I finished at 11:30 once back in my apartment.

The vampire story, although not well-told, made me nervous that no one would want to read a book about women doing the regular stuff that I know enough about to describe. But Jane Austen made me feel better because here was an attempt anyway at more literary fiction (I have no solid definition of this, but if it’s based on Jane Austen’s novels, how can it not be?) with a plot not so dissimilar in style and themes from my own. It even had two skydiving scenes. The writing itself was superior to that of your basic trashy chick-lit, but then I hope mine will be as well.

Heh. That was 405 words written in about 10 minutes.