The longest day

Oh my god, have I only been here 6 hours? It hasn’t been a bad day, I’ve been quite productive. It’s just that I’m dying to hit the road and see my sweetie.

I’ve written two stories, have two more to go, but really I can write one of them Monday. Hell, I could write them both Monday, but since I am capable of writing one in the next two hours, I should get on it.

Just had the first piece of chocolate cake of my birthday season. Yeah, it’s a season this year. Today isn’t really a birthday event for me, but I wished for a chocolate cake for the going-away party for a coworker to whom I have never spoken. And I got my wish!

My festivities start tomorrow with Rob. There will be at least one piece of chocolate cake (maybe even another tonight, since it’s his mom’s birthday) and perhaps a jump from an airplane (sorry, Mom).

Rob said, “We should do something big for your 30th birthday. How about skydiving?”

And I’m like, “I love you.”

But the weather may not cooperate, so we’ll see if it happens.

On Wednesday, my birthday eve, I plan to drink lavender cosmopolitans and eat either chocolate cake or a brownie sundae.

Eek, I almost just blogged about what I’m doing the following weekend, and the cake it will involve, but I just remembered it’s a surprise.

The point is, my 30th birthday season starts tomorrow and culminates next Saturday with a piece of chocolate cake. Unless we have the presents at home after the cake. I suppose it could linger a little through Sunday, we’ll call that an Indian Birthday Season. But for sure, by the time I hit work the following week, it’s over.

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