Fight Like a Lady


A novel

Fight Like a Lady placed in the Top 10 of the 2016 Ink & Insights Writing Contest in the Apprentice category. One judge wondered why it wasn’t submitted in the Master category. (Because it wasn’t finished?)

Another judge, Kim Aiken, wrote: From the first sentence to the last of this sample, I could not find one thing that didn’t feel organic, natural, and realistic. Your technique provides a wonderfully crafted, funny, poignant, and observant story of a young modern woman adrift in all of her potential.

The book blends two of my passions: mixed martial arts and dogs.


Twenty-year-old Vicky graduated from college early and doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up. She discovers a gift for mixed martial arts, but worries her violent past will come back to haunt her. Instead, fighting calms the anxiety she’s felt since her mother died. When she and her trainer, Eddy, learn that a classmate is involved in dog-fighting, they are compelled to save the dogs from being killed. By falling in love, first with the dogs then with Eddy, Vicky finds her calling and learns that past acts can be forgiven.

Read an excerpt in the University of Washington’s Stratus: Journal of Arts & Writing (page 67)

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