Copyediting and Self-Publishing

Editing philosophy

These days, anyone with internet access can publish a book, and not everyone sees the value in having a professional make sure all the letters, words, and punctuation are in the proper order. My goal is for your online reviews to focus on the quality of your writing, not to point out grammatical errors.

For those planning to go the traditionally published route, I can polish your manuscript before you submit to agents and publishers.

I’m a stickler for style and consistency. I am proficient in Chicago Manual of Style and can adjust easily to alternate style guides. My specialties are mainstream fiction, memoir, and anything having to do with dogs.

How it works

For book-length manuscripts, my rate is $5-10 per page, depending on how much editing needs to be done. To find out how much your book edit will cost, I will do a free, no obligation edit of 10 sample pages. Based on that, I can determine your per page rate for the full project, and you can evaluate the quality of my edits.

Overwhelmed with the Self-Publishing Process?

I have experience formatting and uploading independently published books to online retailers and print-on-demand companies. I can walk you through the steps or do it for you. With rates starting at $500, I can turn your edited Microsoft Word file into a book for sale.

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