I chose our lodging because of the Vampire Diaries


The Petrovka Loft is in quite an upscale Moscow neighborhood, which turns out not to be the good thing it would seem. The entrance is near a porn store in an alley, which is dark and sketchy at night, and there’s no place nearby to buy a candy bar and a bottle of water before bed. Just an espresso machine store (selling the machine, not the product) and Chanel.

I didn’t realize upon booking, but the Loft is just a B, not a B&B. The shared bathroom situation isn’t terrible. There’s more than one toilet, separate from the multiple showers. The water is hotter and stronger than at our last place, but other than that, I’d say SwissStar beats Petrovka Loft.

I accidentally typed “Lift” there at first. Freudian, because there is no lift! And it’s on the fourth floor. Have you seen my bag? (See earlier post.) It’s going to be fun thump-thumping that thing down the steps at 3am Monday.

Actually, it will be carthartic because there’s been a lot of pounding and hammering going on around here. So no, I don’t think I’d recommend Petrovka Loft. (Petrova, by the way is the family name of a line of doppelgangers central to The Vampire Diaries. That’s why I picked it.)

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