Pot jokes in Amsterdam

I’m waiting for my second hit of herb at a cafe in Amsterdam. Note I said cafe, not coffeeshop. That’s because my kind of herb is mint tea. Basically, they steep whole mint leaves in hot water and charge €2.50.

We just finished visiting the Anne Frank House. I bought tickets online in advance so we avoided the queue. Our reservation was for, get this, 4:20.

Enough silliness.

We’re only here for 7 hours, and the first thing I did was shake Rob’s faith in my travel skills by putting us in the wrong train. No, no, it’s cool, I told him, we’re seeing more of the city this way.

Once we got to the city center, the fun began. We stopped at a few places for beers and tea. Our favorite was La Grotte, where Rob befriended and interrogated the owner and a server who moved here from Ireland “for the weed.”


Rob and his new girlfriends

Next stop, Florence.

P.S. I’m blogging from the WordPress app on my Nook.

2 thoughts on “Pot jokes in Amsterdam

  1. Ha ..a dude MOVES for the weed? Messed up..
    Excellent blog..

  2. You are SO amazing, Kari – blogging in the midst of your 7 hour stop! On your Nook, huh… I’m pretty excited to get to experience your adventure along with you two. Happy travels, sweetie!

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