Bongiorno & Do Svidaniya

Sorry if I seem to be getting ahead of myself. We don’t leave for our next international adventure for a couple of weeks. But honestly, I’m not ahead of myself at all. I’m way behind.

Usually, I have my trips itineraried out to the day, if not the meal. Not this time. Maybe because we’re going to cities where I already have been, or maybe because my travel books are on an eReader, not in an actual book I can hold. Or maybe because we’re staying places more than two nights, so we can wing it.

Pretty sure that last one is a factor, because we will be in Amsterdam for only seven hours, and I plan to print out directions and a map to take us from the airport to the Anne Frank House and back. With our other destinations, we have more time and can play it by ear.

We’ll be in Florence, Italy, for a few nights, then fly to St. Petersburg, Russia. After a few days there, we will take an overnight train to Moscow.

I’m excited to explore these cities with Rob, look at people, take pictures, and eat different food. Also! I’ll be celebrating my 37th birthday in St. Petersburg. Last time I spent my birthday in a foreign country was 10 years ago in Austria.

27-year-old me and my sachertorte in Salzburg

All rooms and transport are booked. I’m refreshing my knowledge of the Cyrillic alphabet and the Russian words for bread, milk, and fish.

Is there something else I should be doing to prepare?

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