Don’t come around here no more

I had a “You don’t belong in Hollywood anymore” dream last night.

I was visiting an old friend at a studio. I couldn’t remember where to find him, so I kept getting lost and seeing big groups of movie stars wandering around together. I’d see them and think, “Oh, there’s the cast of Aliens. Rob’s going to be sorry he missed this.”

I left my purse on an elevator and went to a lost and found to get it back. They told me there would be a $13 charge to get it back. While I was waiting for the woman to come back with my purse, some comic actors (Jonah Hill was one of them) came in and I started cracking jokes with them, feeling very cool. But when I got my purse back, and reached in it to get the $13, I realized that I must have gotten my change back somewhere in Canadian money.

I didn’t even have the right currency.

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