Jimmy Carter’s there. How dangerous could it be?

We leave Thursday for Kathmandu. The same day as elections that have stirred up some violence in Nepal’s capital. But we don’t actually get there until Saturday … so it’s hard to know before we get on the plane what to expect when we arrive.

I’ve been reading Nepal News, “News from Nepal as it happens,” and am childishly amused by the Nepali newscaster’s voice.

I’m also nostalgic for my time at Radio Free Europe, when I followed elections in faraway countries, and the related insurgencies, and read news stories like the following:

“Responding to these complaints, the top Maoist leader publicly issued a directive for his group to behave like Indian non-violent spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi for the remaining days of the campaign. His cadres at the village level, however, do not appear to have been paying attention.”

Ooh, but this is exciting: Nepal’s new year, 2065, begins on April 13.

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